Amsterdam wants to discipline unruly tourists. He hits his pocket

Amsterdam is one of the cities that suffer particularly from the invasion of tourists. Their antics will be severely punished.

Amsterdam is not a mega-city: it has 800,000 residents, but every year millions of tourists visit this city; presumably 18 million this year However, mass tourism has a number of unpleasant side effects. To curb the rude behavior of some visitors, which are particularly unpleasant for residents and decently behaving tourists, the city has introduced a new catalog of severe punishments.
Penalties on the spot

“You pay a lot for bad behavior” – warns the city and presents a price list: drinking alcohol in public places – 95 euros (1 euro = 4.2619 zlotys according to the exchange rate of the National Bank of Poland on August 8, 2018), urination in places unforeseen – 140 euros, screaming in the street and throwing garbage to the ground – also for 140 euros.

In addition, cleaning breaks will be introduced in the red light district in the evenings. Entire streets will be closed for a short time so that housekeeping can clean up there. The city also reserves the right to close the streets when it is too crowded, ” explained the Mayor of Amsterdam, Femke Halsema, introducing these sanctions in response to the alarming account of the pranks of overly amused or drunk tourists. – If necessary, we will also close access to channels, which will be very strictly controlled in the future, as well as tourists’ behavior.

Official city guides have a recommendation to reprimand inappropriate people. If this doesn’t work, punishments will be immediately canceled. Housekeeping is to be equipped with bank and credit card readers to immediately charge fees.
“Lawless Jungle”

The goal of these ventures is to reduce pressure on the city center and improve access to tourist attractions – explains the municipality. A few days ago, a spokesman in the city authorities warned that the center of Amsterdam was slowly transforming into a “lawless jungle,” where the police were powerless against crime and violence.

Amsterdam is next to London, Barcelona and Paris one of the most popular metropolises of Europe, visited by mass tourists. Groups of young people who come to party here are considered particularly problematic because they are attracted by liberal policies permitting the consumption of drugs and alcohol.

More info: Amsterdam online

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