Boobs tshirt for the summer. Romantic, feminine and airy models

The Boobs style enjoys constant popularity. Especially in the summer we eagerly reach for clothing elements inspired by folk outfits. Boobs shirt fit into many holiday stylizations, but you can also use them in business sets. We have beautiful models for you that you can find in online boutiques.

Boobs shirt

Boobs style draws handfuls of traditional folk costumes. It most often uses ethno patterns from South America and India. It is also eagerly inspired by the motifs of the Balkan countries and the Mediterranean areas. Boho blouses are primarily airy fabrics and decorations in the form of colorful embroidery, wooden beads and tassels at the neckline and sleeves. We have models in patterns, colorful, and from light and airy fabrics. All blouses we chose are consistent with current trends, but are also universal. They’ll stay in your closet for more than one season!

Apart from the popular white, ideally suited for holiday sets, blouses in patterns – for example flowers – are constantly fashionable. Boobs tshirt usually have a looser cut, thanks to which they are eagerly chosen by women wearing plus size size and those from ladies who want to mask a protruding belly and so-called. bellies. The models chosen by us will match both trousers and skirts. On cooler days, you can put them together with jeans bells and wedge heels or with espadrilles. For the evening try to combine a blouse in the style of boobs with black tubes and high-heeled sandals.

Boobs tshirts are a very feminine alternative to simple tops and T-shirts, which we usually choose in the summer. Perfect for warm days, because they are most often sewn from delicate and airy fabrics. These blouses will look great with skirts. If you can boast of a slim figure, choose a skirt with flounces that will add character to the look. However, if you prefer to lengthen and slim the silhouette, choose a maxi skirt for the blouse. Our favorite offer is a white blouse with a binding that you can wear in two ways: with a neckline at the front or on the back.

Boobs tshirt are usually available in neutral colors such as beige, white and black, but there are also models in stronger shades of blue or fuchsia. These boho blouses prove themselves in summer and spring, when we more willingly reach for colorful clothes. You will create with them interesting and fashionable styles with trousers or a skirt. Colorful boobs shirt can be combined with white bells with fringes next to the legs or shorts. The tshirt may be the only colorful accent in your outfit, but you can combine it with other colorful clothes or accessories.