United Kingdom: hospital patients should have access to e-cigarettes?

The latest report from the Royal College of Physicians (RCP), an organization that develops medical practice, states that smokers should be able to use electronic cigarettes while in hospital. They should also be offered addiction treatment.

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As RCP representatives stated during the London conference “Innovation in Medicine”, at present no one asks patients admitted to hospitals about smoking addiction, and no one offers them help in quitting it. Meanwhile, such support is needed, as well as the possibility of using electronic cigarettes in clinics. Addicted people will not then reach for traditional – inform londynek.net

According to the researchers, healthcare professionals should be routinely trained to help them get out of the addiction. In England, meanwhile, these tasks were transferred to local governments in 2013.

According to Professor John Britton, president of the RCP’s Tobacco Advisory Group, treatment of the addiction of over 1 million smokers who are admitted each year to hospitals, gives the NHS a unique opportunity to improve patients’ quality of life while saving money to treat the consequences of smoking. Smoking is the largest avoidable cause of death and disability in the UK – vawoo.

Commenting on the results of the report, Duncan Selbie, President of Public Health England, pointed out that a quarter of all hospital patients are smokers.