Velux or Facro?

He plans to buy 6 windows for the rooms and 1 bathroom for his attic.
Initially, I was looking for Velux, but the foreman advises this company because they have been left behind Fakro for some time.
That is why I have a dilemma whether:

Buy 6 pieces Fakro FTP – V U5 07 78×140 and for bathroom FTU – V U3 07 78×140


Buy 7 pieces Velux GHL 78×140 (ew 6 room and 1 pc GGu for bathroom)

I am asking for opinions of people who already use such windows for several years because I have read negative opinions on Fakro due to rotting. Valux I have at a lower price, but is it worth paying for Fakro?

Although both FAKRO and VELUX windows are manufactured in Poland, FAKRO’s profits remain in the country. So buy FAKRO.

Hello. I also once faced the dilemma of Fakro or Velux. I chose the cheaper version and bought Fakro. I’m not happy because the window is on a built-in terrace as a way out onto the roof. The most important is the angle of the roof slope. You need to check to what slope the window is used. As I bought it, the seller assured me that everything would be ok. Well, I bought a window with a single gasket. It started to drip. I bought a second gasket around the window. The problem has diminished but it still drips, in a heavy downpour and when there is snow. I bent a little gutter in the window, and there’s nothing else going anywhere. In the corners on the wooden frame, it began to turn discolored. Now the question: Is the roof slope too small, about 20 degrees or a bad window. Next time I would choose Velux. The decision, of course, is yours.

Velux also “rots”. Everything is a matter of ventilation and … years. In the parents, the water dripping on Velux’s window after 16 years led to first raiding / changing the color of the wood and then slowly rotting.
I had a similar dilemma a month ago as I ordered windows, after reading, among others forum, I came to the conclusion that the products of both companies are very comparable.
Finally, it stood on Fakro, because once it writes a colleague is a domestic company, two is now a promotion and on the higher models you can get up to 2kzl return, which in my case gave a large difference in favor of Fakro.

Do you mean the surcharge for a loan for energy-efficient houses or some other form of return? Where can this information be read?

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